About us

The Association of Swiss English-speaking Therapists (ASEST) is a non-profit organisation founded by Jonathan Shubs, a Canadian-born acupuncturist, together with Simon Reboh, a Swiss-trained pharmacist, homeopath & TCM practitioner, and Susan Manuel, a medical massage therapist.

The goal is to create a platform where English speakers can find English-speaking therapists.

Our Objectives
  • Promoting integrative therapies to the English-speaking community in Switzerland;
  • Promoting communication between the English-speaking medical and para-medical professions in Switzerland;
  • Promotion & communication on integrative therapies through seminars, workshops and similar events.

Statutes & Organisation
  • The Association is registered under the name ASEST as a non-lucrative association, conforming to Art. 60 ss, Swiss Civil Code;
  • Main sources of income are membership fees, donations, sponsorships and advertising on its website;
  • Activitities include promotion and communication on integrative therapies through seminars, workshops and similar events;
  • The Board is the executive body, elected every two years by General Assembly. Current President: Jonathan Shubs; Vice-Presidents: Simon Reboh & Susan Manuel; Project Coordinator: Anh Tho Andres;
  • Seat is currently Av. Louis-Ruchonnet 2, 1003 Lausanne.


Membership is limited to individuals who must practice a therapeutic profession and must be a native English speaker or have acquired an excellent standard of English. Criteria of adhesion include, among others
  • Be authorized to practice their activity in the canton of practice;
  • Belong to at least one other organization that covers the alternative medicine profession (eg. RME, ASCA, APTN, ART, NVS);
  • Have at least three years experience in said profession;
  • And fulfill other criteria as stipulated under Art. 3 of our Statutes.

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